FFF & URBSFA: 2 E4P partners in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup

Young people and emotions at the center of training.

Finally, we give importance to emotions!

The Royal Belgian Football Association (URBSFA) has been working with Education 4 Peace for two years on the management of emotions.

What if football taught how to control emotions?

In Geneva, the Education 4 Peace Foundation works with Servette FC to train players and coaches in self-awareness and emotional management.

Release of our 2 books in digital version on Amazon and Apple

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, the Education 4 Peace Foundation is pleased to announce the digital release of our two books: “Master of your Emotions” as well as its customized version by 3 National Federations and sponsored by Zinedine Zidane: “Football a path to self-awareness”.

Broadcast “School of Mindfulness”: Self Awareness at school and at sport

We are pleased to share with you the first part of a new documentary named School of Mindfulness in English and German.

TV Report: Preparation of the Belgian team

Preparation of the Belgian team before the World Final of the Danone Nation Cup with Education 4 Peace.

Article in the Swiss journal of La Gruyère – Sept. 2016

Mark Milton talks in this article of the foundation’s vision and its collaboration with the project “L’attitude, on en parle :)” of the Fribourg Football Association.

Interview of Karim Rahila and Mark Milton on the talkshow “Sport-Première” of the Swiss radio

Stéphane Trisconi invited Mark Milton and Karim Rahila of the foundation to share an innovative perspective of football.

Interview of Mark Milton on the talkshow “Egosystème” of the Swiss radio

The Euro 2016 represents an intense period to live moments rich in emotions and a golden opportunity to raise their awareness and management.

Interview of Mark Milton on BFM radio

Invited by Alexander Lichan, Mark Milton presented the book at a round table with persons specialising in human resources and employment.

Article in 2022 magasine – June 2016

2022 is a magazine specialising in Arab football which aims to provide readers with in-depth treatment of the news in a sharp and offbeat look.

Magasine Cooperation – June 2016

“Cooperation” is the weekly magazine of the Coop company, with the widest circulation in Switzerland with 3.5 million readers.

La Provence – May 2016

The French regional newspaper “La Provence” selected our book in its press review devoted to works in connection with football for the Euro 2016.

Interview of Boris Cyrulnik

Boris Cyrulnik ambassador of our book “Football a path to self-awareness”.

BSC News – May 2016

In the literary and cultural online magasine that strives to explore new horizons to offer a different look at a polymorphic culture, inventive, unique and thorough. Our book finds a special place in this article.

Le Mouv’ – May 2016

In its talkshow “Culturécité”, the radio journalist interviews Karim Rahila representing the foundation. During this exchange Karim presents the book and its genesis.

Vestiaires Magasine – April 2016

First pedagogical magasine dedicated to educators and football coaches with with a new “self-knowledge” section.

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