Attitude, the new skill of champions

I am convinced that self-awareness has an impact on performance and that it will elevate tomorrow’s football."

Zinédine Zidane

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Attitude the new skill

Our attitude defines our behaviour as well as our relationship with ourselves and with the people around us. It is not confined to the pitch, but influences the way in which we live our everyday lives. In the context of sport, the awerness of our attitude is an opportunity to manage differently physical challenges, stresses and difficulties, it also allows to boost athletic performances.

You have to be very strong to produce a top-class performance while continuing to behave appropriately : being both a great footballer and a great person. Making respect and fair play a rule is not enough. You may completely agree with it in theory but not manage to abide by it on the pitch.

You can learn to do so, but it’s still not very common. You have to develop awareness – awareness of your values, awareness of yourself and others and awareness of how you function (emotionally and in relationships) – so you can make conscious choices about how you behave.

The good news is that this can be learned

The Partners


The Initiative

Attitude, the 5th skill” is a programme of the Education 4 Peace Foundation, which introduces Attitude in the football world and in sports in general. It represents the outcome of the “Master of your Emotions” project which was supported by the UEFA as part of its football and social responsIbility programme RESPECT.

This initiative invites attitude to be the 5th skill in sports, in complement to the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. Its main objective is to sensitize and motivate the grassroots audience (youth, parents, coaches) in their self-awereness and the development of harmonious relationships with themselves and others.

The extensive result of this initiative is the publication of our book "Football a path to selfawareness", an innovative toolkit with testimonies from football personalities. Through the book, we share informations and practical advices for young players, coaches, parents and educators. It is also served as an offical teaching tool for trainings given by federations and clubs.


Zinédine Zidane

ex-coach of the real Madrid and winner of the Champions League 2016/17/18





The Foundation


Created in 2002, Education 4 Peace (E4P) in a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to inspire and support educational stakeholders, decision makers, institutions and international organisations to promote self-awareness, listening and empathy in their educational approach for future generations.

Since 2008, following observations of the violence present on and off the football pitch, with the support of the UEFA, E4P has been promoting this new educational approach which includes controlling one’s emotions and behaviour awareness in this very popular sport.

By including this new educational dimension into sport through conferences and co-developed training sessions, the E4P foundation has brought together all those involved in football to accompany them through this change. Through partnerships, federations and clubs, amateurs and professionals are joining forces with us by recognising the close relationship between attitude and sporting performance.

The progress in the last few years in sport psychology and in passing on emotional skills to educators and youths will continue to contribute to bringing about social change in terms of behaviour and human relationships.


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