In 2014, the National Technical Directorate (DTN) of the French Football Federation (FFF) officially partnered with us to implement the “Master of your Emotions” initiative now called « Sport-Attitude the 5th skill » with its core message about self-awareness and attitude in their education programme. This is a major event considering that it is the 1rst national sports federation in the world to do this. In order to give this project a priority, the DTN launched a special commission of experts called « Cellule d’optimisation de la performance mentale » and invited Mark Milton to be a member. The good news for us is that our book is being distributed within all the main high level technical trainings in France given by the DTN and in spring 2016, the FFF gave its first diploma in which attitude and self-awerennes are mains lines. This world premiere is the result of a lengthy reflexion process.

Last news:

On Monday 25th April 2016, the FFF held a symposium at its headquarters on how to optimise mental performance. The seminar was conducted by Michel Cymes and Candice Prévost, and assembled numerous sports personalities and health professionals, such as psychoanalyst Boris Cyrulnik, former team manager and National Technical Director, Gérard Houllier, as well as former international footballer Mickaël Landreau.

Mark Milton, founder of E4P and member of the Committee on Performance Optimisation, was pleased to take part in the discussions on attitude and self-awareness.

FFF link to the event

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