The “Association Fribourgeoise de Football” (Switzerland) and E4P decided to introduce attitude as the 5th skill. After raising awareness among 40 coaches of juniors, we had the pleasure of kicking off our first workshop with a dozen or so trainers. This project, sponsored by Michel Lachat, will help educate more than 600 people from the canton’s 98 football clubs.

For many years, sportsmanship has been the golden rule at the Association Fribourgeoise de Football. With its new project ” Let’s talk attitude 🙂 ”, the association seeks to enable all those involved in football to make sportsmanship tangible by condoning prosocial relationships and the better control of one’s emotions. Until 2017, awareness training will be given to more than 600 trainers, organisers, referees and club managers. Find out more about the AFF’s “Let’s talk attitude 🙂” project in the March edition of its FRIFOOT magazine (in French)


or watch the video by project sponsor Michel Lachat (in French).

Last news:

Saturday 24th of September in Bulle, Switzerland

E4P held 2 training workshops for approximately fifty AFF coaches as part of the awareness campaign that will reach more than 600 people in total, through the project “l’Attitude on en parle :)”
The workshops aimed to sensitise the coaches and motivate them to learn more about self-awareness by introducing attitude as a new skill to master on and off the football pitch. As well as listening, listening to one-self and to others. Over 85% of the coaches were satisfied with the tips they received in their final evaluations of the workshops.



Weekend of June 25-26 and July 2

“Let’s talk attitude 🙂” at SEKULIC tournament 2016

Invited as part of our partnership with the FFA (Fribourg Football Association), the team of the Foundation participated in this great junior football festival in Switzerland. Spread over two weekends in Villars-sur-Glane the event brought together nearly 4’500 players between the ages of 6 and 12 years, without counting all the people accompanying them such as the coaches and of course the families who came to cheer their young shoots!

Comfortably installed in our presentation tent with our friends of the FFA, we were able to welcome and sensitise many of the participants to self-awareness and to the mastering of emotions. All members of E4P were able to awaken the curiosity of the present youth on their interiority and introduce them to a new skill, attitude. As for the  parents, they were also engaged to a ask themselves questions about their behaviour on the edge of pitch and to manage their emotions!

Engaging discussions in quieter moments of rest and listening to budding footballers through their questions on the mission of the foundation and personal development and emotions were at the heart of our work throughout the tournament. Visitors also had the opportunity to purchase our book “Football a path to self-awareness” at a special rate for the event!

Michel Lachat, project sponsor to the AFF project “Let’s talk attitude 🙂”, even made us the honor of a surprise visit on the last day of the tournement.

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